Organic Coffee-Why Is It a Better Choice?

Organic coffee is produced without the use of synthetic substances like pesticides, insecticides or any other potentially harmful chemicals. Coffee bean plants are produced organically by using non-chemical fertilizers, like composting materials.

Why drink organic coffee?

Organic coffee is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals.

  • That means that there is no risk of any chemical ingestion which may harm the body.
  • It has higher levels of anti-oxidants and heart healthy nutrients as compared to the coffee which is grown conventionally.
  • Coffee grown organically contains caffeine in its purest form. It a great source of a natural energy booster.
  • Organic coffee is shade grown. This allows all of the health nutrients to be preserved.
  • Shade grown organic coffee has more flavor and a better, bolder taste than conventionally grown coffee.
  • It can be included in the diet for achieving weight loss goals.
  • Organic coffee is a better option to be consumed by pregnant women as compared to the conventional coffee.

What are the environmental benefits of organic coffee?

Since organic coffee is grown without chemicals, there is less harm to the environment, than the coffee that is grown with chemical and pesticides.

  • Shade grown organic coffee maintains forest cover eliminating the damage caused from deforestation.
  • Saving forests ensures the availability of habitat for birds and animals.
  • Higher forest cover also helps prevent soil erosion.
  • Bird and animal droppings along with dead and fallen leaves of the trees act as a natural fertilizer for the soil.
  • Insects, which could normally destroy coffee leaves, are controlled by the birds that remain in the forest.

Organic coffee is slightly higher priced than the conventionally grown coffee owing to the larger span of time spent in producing it. This coffee is harvested manually, thus eliminating mechanical equipment in the process. The higher price of the organic coffee is worth the health and environment benefits that it has to offer.

When consuming your next cup of organic coffee think about all the good factors. Factors like the health benefits and the environmental benefits that drinking a good cup of organic coffee delivers. And, knowing that you have made the right choice.

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